An Introduction to Stationary Bikes

well-scrubbed-faces.jpegAn Introduction to Stationary Bikes
Discover This Fun and Easy Way to Exercise  

Stationary bikes just aren’t what they used to be. They’re better. A low-impact exercise, stationary bikes don’t put stress on your joints, so they can be a great replacement for the treadmill when your knees are aching. Over the years, stationary bikes have seen many improvements. It’s a classic type of fitness equipment that has lasted for decades because it works.

It’s simple
Stationary bikes provide a great workout and are pretty simple to use. Just pedal. The motion involves little thought, so you can catch up on reading or television as you work out. It’s perfect for somebody with little time to devote to exercise and needs to multitask. Unlike a regular bike or treadmill, it doesn’t demand much balance or coordination, so there is little chance for falls. This makes it ideal for those…

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